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Debt Collection Services

Corporate Debt Collection

At Alpha-Bravehill Ltd we understand that not all debts are the same.
In order to achieve the best chance of collection, each debt is individually reviewed and the most effective collection method is determined depending on the age, type and various other criteria.

Consumer Debt Collection

Persistence and open communication is the foundation of our consumer debt collection service. We obtain excellent levels of collections through a combination of tried and tested methods, highly trained and motivated collection staff together with the use of modern technology.

Additional features of our consumer debt collection service include:
•Easy payment methods, Assessment of means to pay and Payment plans negotiated

Medical Debt Collection

Whether you have a large medical practice or are a single medical practitioner, cash flow is adversely affected by non-paying patients and unresolved medical aid claims.
We understand the special needs of medical practices and our collections service is designed to keep doctor-patient relationships intact wherever possible.

Educational Institution Fee Collection

Planned yearly budgets could become severely constrained by outstanding school fees, which is why certain institutions prefer to utilize our services to alleviate pressure, while still maintaining the integrity of their commitment towards students.

Other Services

Debt Tracing Services

Alpha-Bravehill Ltd offers a tracing service for debtors that have moved on from their last known address, or confirmation that the debtor still resides at a given address.
We also undertake tracing for:
•Absconded tenants

Purchasing of Debt Books Services

We help companies recover from delinquent consumer debt.
Selling your charged-off accounts immediately impacts your bottom line by releasing cash from these non-performing accounts.
Liquidating non-paying accounts:
•Improves your bottom line
•Reduces administration costs
•Limits potential liability
A debt sale is a step in the collection process when other avenues have been exhausted.

Legal Action

It may sometimes be necessary to proceed with legal action in order to recover your debts.
Our partnership with a highly respected law firm ensures a smooth transition between the soft collection process and legal action.
For many creditors the decision to take legal action can be a daunting one, not least due to the uncertain level of costs involved.
Where possible we offer our clients fixed price legal services and an assessment of the debtors’ means to pay. This enables our clients to make informed decisions about which debtors to pursue legally and how far they wish to proceed down this avenue.